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  • The best!

    Steven Graffouliere
  • The best!!

    William Collister
  • Awesome people, awesome training..Try it out, you won't regret..

    Mikael Sörensen
  • Good instructor I wish he had a dojo in Miami I will be the first to join it

    Ali Zawa
  • Eduardo is the man and a great group of training partners! If you're in the Bay Area check it out

    Eric Hartwig
  • Everyone I've met through this studio has been a phenomenally well rounded and talented individual, on and off the mat. This place breeds not only champions, but great friends as well.

    Amelia Bartlett
  • Absolute top notch instruction from a world class leader in the art of jiu jitsu and life all around.  Gracie Barra Clearwater! I dare anyone to take a step onto our mat and begin a journey (more&he

    Juan Viteri
  • The Best.

    Flagstaff Yeti
  • Top of the line Jiu Jitsu. I knew within 5 minutes that this place was different than the others I had tried. Friendly, not intimidating at all, you can progress at your own and the instructors (more&

    Eugene Honrath
  • Josh Shilney is a amazing instructor and a future Black Belt in the making with a good head on his shoulders. If your in Clearwater make sure to check out GB, they have a good lineage (more…)

    Idriz Redzovic
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