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We believe martial arts are a powerful tool in helping individuals discover their inner strength.

Gracie Barra Clearwater

John Keller

Owner At Gracie Barra Clearwater

John Keller is the owner and head instructor of Gracie Barra Clearwater. John had been training in different martial arts since he was a teenager but found Brazilian jiu-jitsu in 2004 and immediately focused all of his time training jiu-jitsu under Eduardo De Lima.

After reaching blue belt, John added muay thai and MMA training under Roger Patrizzi. At purple belt, John began teaching classes at Gracie Barra Clearwater and gained competition experience in jiu-jitsu and MMA.

Since then, John has dedicated himself to teaching classes for all ages as well as specific classes for Law Enforcement. John believes in being able to teach jiu-jitsu in a safe and fun environment for all types of practitioners. John is currently a 2nd-degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Benjamin Castellano

Instructor at Gracie Barra Clearwater

Martial arts experience in many martial arts disciplines spanning over 30 years and began teaching and assisting children and adult classes at the age of 17. Being a martial arts enthusiast Ben has studied Traditional Chinese,Japanese,Korean,and Philippine ,and Thai styles. Also western styles such as boxing and wrestling before starting Brazilian Jujitsu. Over the last 20 years Ben has taught and competed Nationally and Internationally with his professional partners and students in the Ballroom and Latin dance world. He looks forward to sharing his love of the martial arts ,movement , and use his many years of teaching experience ,to help people of all ages and skill levels to gain confidence and have tons of fun.

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